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7 Reasons to Hire an Arborist this Winter

by ActionLocal Sep 8, 2019

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When it comes to maintaining the health and beauty of your property, proper tree care is important. Trees are a crucial part of our environment and they have ample aesthetic value. They act as a protective barrier against the elements that can harm our environment. For more than decades and centuries, trees have been a part of our homes. Not because they are healthy, but they also add value to our lives.


Due to all the benefits that we get from trees, taking care of them is a big responsibility that we have to bear. If you can't maintain the health of trees, then they can also become a liability. Thus, the best thing would be hiring an Arborist to take care of your trees.


What is Arborist?

In simple terms, a tree doctor is called an Arborist. They are professionally trained in the science of caring about trees. It is the arborist which has a wealth of knowledge. They can diagnose and treat the problem of trees with the equipment they own. To tackle the needs of trees safely, the arborist creates a proper routine for tree care services. They also provide emergency care services which deal with the tree problems in case they pose a threat to your property and family.

When you are choosing an Arborist to take care of your trees, it is important that you have to make sure that they are certified via the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). In order to guarantee that the arborist can maintain the highest quality standards and professionalism for their job, this certification is very important. To be an ISA Certified Arborist, you have to complete the three-year full-time course in the professional tree care industry. The arborists have to go through an extensive examination to cover all the areas of arboriculture. Even after obtaining their certification, they have to take part in the ongoing educational programs to stay updated with the latest technology in the field.


The homeowners often get confused with the terms Landscapers and Arborists. The two professions have some overlapping skills which can create confusion. But in reality, the professions have fundamental differences in the area of expertise. If you mistakenly hire a landscaper to take care of your trees, then it will pose a great danger to your safety. The landscapers have a job which focuses on the work of landscape design and installs. But they are not trained to handle the trees with care. That's why they often end up removing the trees from the roots. Hiring a certified Arborist means a whole different thing. Tree work is a highly dangerous undertaking, thus leaving the job to the professionals is a much better idea for everyone.


When you should hire an Arborist?

Unless an emergency situation arises in the home, the homeowners don't even think about hiring an Arborist. When the tree has fallen or become unstable after a storm, that's when people think about preventive care. Some key aspects where an Arborist job seems significant include:

  • Pruning

  • Tree removal

  • Deep Root Fertilization

  • Planning and Consultation

In other seasons, there is enough space for the trees to grow and thrive. But in the winter season, trees suffer from scarcity. And as they can't get enough minerals and water from the soil, the growth impedes and they die eventually. But the homeowners understand the value of keeping the trees alive. So, here are some reasons to hire Arborist in the winter season:


1: Safety:

The trees which grow inadvertently in a short time period are usually weak-wooded and prone to decay. Plus, they have limbs which easily break due to ice and wind. An arborist will make sure that if something happens like that, then it won't harm anyone.


2: Convenience:

Another factor that is a major reason for hiring an Arborist is convenience. In the summer and spring season, the arborist and homeowners as well get busy with their outdoor projects. Thus, it is convenient if you get the trimming done in the winter season.


3: Tree Health:

Not everyone can be an expert about trees. And spending hours of efforts on the trees without having proper knowledge is just wastage of time. The Arborist knows his/her job throughout the year. They know what the trees need in this season. Hence they make sure that tree health is maintained in the winter season.


4: Price:

During the winter season, the tree services are on hold. Most of the people prefer restoring the beauty of trees in summer or spring season, but you can save the money if you go for it during the winter season. The charges will be low, plus the arborist will be able to invest their full time on your trees.


5: Better Visibility:

During other seasons, the trees stems and branches are covered by leaves and fruits. In winter, there are not that many leaves on the trees. Thus, the arborist will be able to observe the tree closely and check its structure. It will also be easy to identify problems and to carry out the solutions.


6: Noticing Wounds:

As the trees are between growing seasons, it will be easy for the arborist to look for some serious damage in the tree. It will also help them to take necessary remedies to make sure that the tree thrives during the spring and summer.


7: Better Access:

When the ground is frozen, the arborists have better access to the areas which are difficult to reach. Thus, they won't need special equipment to examine the condition of the trees and their potential growth rate.


As you can see, the winter season can be beneficial for the trees too. So, if you are thinking of hiring an Arborist, make sure that they have proper credentials to take care of your trees. The trees do a lot for humanity and it is our job to make sure that we care about them as well.