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COVID-19 - Message from actionlocal.com CEO

by ActionLocal Mar 20, 2020

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Our hearts go out to those sickened by the novel virus sweeping the globe. Even if indirectly, this pandemic affects all of us if only by disrupting our daily routines.

It affects one community disproportionately: Seniors. The temporary isolation they endure in the name of self-preservation makes it difficult to tend to their daily needs, which of course don't let up. They need our help more than ever.

Join us in our bid to let our local seniors know that we're there for them. These are people who rely on our products. Let your ad be the one they find when they go looking for goods and services. 

Yes, we are open for business!

We want to reassure you that ActionLocal is here to serve you and your customers, while taking all the precautions necessary to keep everybody safe.


David Lindsey

ActionLocal Publisher and CEO