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Fall Tree Care Tips

by ActionLocal Sep 1, 2019

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Despite summer comes to an end, it's crucial to remember that trees still require care and love so that they can thrive and bloom next spring. So, if you're looking for fall tree care tips, then you've come to the right place. Here you will get to know several tips and techniques you need to know for excellent fall tree care.


Importance of fall tree care


There is no doubt that extended periods of immense hear can weaken and deteriorate trees, which make them more prone to infestations. Aiding your trees start to recover them from the hot conditions or season as they are heading into winter is crucial to protecting their long-lasting health and, ultimately, makes them less prone to storms.


Unless trees received sufficient water and care during the summer period, they may be more prone to pests and other diseases and more susceptible to ruthless winter conditions.


Besides water, there are also other activities, such as fertilizing, mulching, etc are required to help have a great growing condition for your trees.

Well, it's time now to learn tree maintenance tips for fall season…


1. Fertilize

Fertilize is necessary to prepare the roots of your trees. In fact, fertilizing is considered to be the ultimate way to keep trees healthy. You can protect your trees from winter damage by applying in the fall. Forest trees have plenty of nutrients because of the subtle forest environment, but, when it comes to trees in our backyards, things are quite different. Your trees experience high-stress conditions, such as compaction, low moisture availability and physical damage.

When trees faced such conditions, they unable to reach their complete landscape potential, will be more prone to pests or insects and have a shorter lifespan.

Fertilizing can help you to protect your trees from all these harsh conditions. We, at Joe Skillen Tree Services, also believed that fertilization is one of the ultimate tree maintenance tips you can try.


2. Mulch

Mulching insulates roots of trees and it also aids the soil preserve organic matter and moisture. If you apply mulch around your trees, then it is one of the ultimate tree maintenance efforts you can do for the health of your trees. Amazingly, mulching is a cost-effective and quick technique that offers several benefits, especially younger trees.


Here are some things you need to consider when it comes to mulching:

  • Don't load the mulch against the trunk of your tree. In fact, you should keep mulch away from your tree trunk in an effort to make root flare zone visible.

  • In order to give refresh mulch look, all you need to do is to remove the old mulch with a new one. Also, don't apply new layers on the top of the old one.

  • Avoid using fresh wood chips, when it comes to mulching for young trees. They come with higher acidity, which can harm a young tree.

3. Pruning

Another fall tree care tip is pruning, that can't be ignored at all. In this, you need to remove any damaged, diseased or dead branches. They all are signs that pests and diseases could enter, which can cause further damage to your trees. In addition to it, removing damaged branches also provide a fresh and better look to your trees.


We, at Joe Skillen Tree Services, also recommend that you should prune those branches, that are not growing as they would be. Also, make sure to get trees branches pruned for the safety of your home and family to avoid accidents.


4. Water

Even though summer has passed, your trees can still face drought stress. Thus, make sure that your trees are well hydrated.

Here are some watering tips you can follow:

  • When watering, you must concentrate on the critical root area. Wetting foliage is quite hard to notice and it is susceptible to spear diseases.

  • Avoid using sprinkler because it only wets the soil top layer and it fails to water trees properly.

  • You should water your trees thoroughly and deeply once or twice a week.

  • Watering in the morning is important to avoid evaporation and to aid tree deal with the immense hear during the day.

If you follow the above tips, then you are sure to have healthy trees in your yard.


5. Wrapping

Wrapping the trunk of your trees can prevent breakage, frost cracks and also splitting from the snow and ice buildup and further, help in protecting from the severe cold. Using burlap cloth, you can wrap young trees trunks in order to protect them. Keep in mind that you should also remove these guards and wraps in the spring, so that tree can grow again.


These are some fall tree care tips you can follow. With the help of the above tips and techniques, you can surely ensure good health of your trees in the fall.


What Else You Can Do For Your Trees in the Fall?


There are some good things you can do.

  • You Can Plant New Trees

Now is the right time to plan some new trees and add shrubs to your backyard. Planting trees and adding shrubs in an early fall provides plans a great start at building roots in the cool season and moist soil. The soil cooler temperature creates ideal conditions for the tree roots system to grow quite well. In fact, you can plant new trees and add shrubs any time as long as the ground isn't frozen.

  • You Can Call a Tree Care Expert

Many tree maintenance, care tips and techniques, mentioned in this article, can be done quite safely on their own, but tree pruning can be pretty dangerous for people, who are not properly trained and don't know the right techniques to do that.

Thus, if you've trees that require immense pruning, then you should call our tree care specialist at Skillen Tree Services. We offer a wide range of services for tree care and maintenance to make sure that your trees are vibrant and healthy!!!