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Home Remodeling for People with Disabilities

by ActionLocal Aug 11, 2019

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Home Remodeling for People with Disabilities

There is no doubt that one of the most remarkable investments you will ever make is to own and maintain a home, isn't it? Unfortunately, for a person with disability, the world out there which is not designed to accommodate their requirements magnifies the value of a comfortable home. That's why it is important that they and their family members have to access good resources about how they can make their house livable as well as enjoyable.


There are lot of resources available out there to help people living with disabilities to not only provide access to a comfortable home, but the capability to own a home that's primarily designed to enable them to live happily and safely.


In this post you'll get to learn how to modify your accommodate for a loved one's disability with the following tips -


Choose technology


Depending on disability, you may have to make technological modifications in your home to fulfill your needs. Let's take an example - if you have trouble hearing, then you can use technology to place your smartphone and doorbells on the light system.


However, the following are the common types that you would like to consider -

  • Clap on lights - you can install lights that you can turn on and off by clapping so that you don't have to go switch to turn it on or off by yourself.

  • Intercom - if you're not alone and have someone else at your home, then you can establish quick interaction using intercom with that person.

  • Anti-scalding valve - if you can't feel your legs, then it can be quite hard for you to determine when water is too cold or hot for your skin. Well, an anti-scalding valve will help you to limit water temperature.


Following are bathroom remodeling tips for people living with disabilities:

  • Although it's a common way to store things behind a mirror vanity, you might like to prefer a new option to store bathroom items for more access with storage lower to the floor.

  • You can consider installing a shower with a limp along with a wide opening to enable for easy access. Do you have enough space? If so, then you can also consider installing a seat enables for easy transfer from your wheelchair.

  • You can consider installing a height-adjustable shower head in order to accommodate various different postures and angles.

  • Although a lot of bathroom vanities come with cabinets underneath, it is not conductive and suitable for wheelchair-friendly bathroom. To enable access, you can consider installing a vanity that lets you roll under between the floor and sink bottom.


Following are bedroom remodeling tips for people living with disabilities:

  • Consider having a more accessible closet

  • Ensure that bed height makes it quite easy to exit or enter.

  • You would like to have easy access to your bathroom from your bedroom, especially if you are a person with low mobility.

Hallways and Stairs:

  • If you have long hallways, you can consider installing railings to provide support.

  • Instead of giving steps from one room to another, consider installing ramps.

  • You can think of installing a stairlift so that a disabled person can use it go up and down.


Kitchen is the space in the house which is used more often than any other space. So, you need to remodel the kitchen as well for the people with disabilities. Don't worry, the changes are not going to hinder your daily activities.

  • Use Hose Faucet that allows you to reach and move the faucet according to the requirements.

  • Use Lever-Handle Valves to turn the water on or off and to adjust the temperature as well.

  • Consider using round edges to prevent injuries in case someone falls in the kitchen.

  • Install a shallow basin sink so that it will be easy to grab the dishes and place them.

  • Use a side by side refrigerator freezer as they are easily accessible.

  • Wheelchair accessible countertops and cabinets will also be a good idea for remodeling.

Living Room:

You are going to spend most of your time in the living room. Therefore, it is important that you make that area safe for the guests and the people who live with you.

  • Cover or hide cords to prevent tripping over wires. It is not just for the disabled people, even regular people trip over wires. Therefore, you should make sure that they are fitted alongside the baseboard or behind the furniture so that no one would fall because of them.

  • Cover sharp corners to soften the run-in.

  • Space the furniture far enough so that there is space left for a walker or wheelchair to move around.

House Exterior:

On the outside, there are many things that need to be taken care of. It includes

  • Automatic Garage Door Openers must be installed so that the garages can be opened and closed with a remote control.

  • Designate the parking areas to make sure that the person has an easy and accessible spot to park in.

  • Driveway and Walkway conditions must be leveled. If you have cracks, holes, or an uneven driveway and walkway, it will be difficult for the disabled person. So, you have to make the necessary changes.

  • House number must be visible clearly from the street so that it can be identified if there is an emergency.

  • Motion detecting lights will make it easier for the handicapped and you to keep the ramp lighted properly.

  • A wheelchair ramp is also a necessary thing to install in your house.

Whether it is a small modification or a complete overhaul, simple changes in the house will certainly make it easier for the disabled people to live there. If you are building a new house, then consider these remodeling ideas for the people with disability, so that your house will be more welcoming.