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How Often Should Carpets Be Steam Cleaned?

by ActionLocal Jun 30, 2019

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Carpets are used to give a beautiful touch to the house. They provide warmth and soft space for the kids where they can play. But like any other surface, they also get dirty. And that's where the troubles start. You can wash off the dust and dirt from the hard floor surface easily, but the carpets are not that easy to clean. From outside, due to the carpet fibers, they look clean and that's the reason they are not cleaned as often as they should. But at some point, they will get a stain which can't be removed easily.


Here we are going to learn how often the carpet should be cleaned, so that it won't have any ill effects on you or your family's health. Some common signs, that indicate your carpet needs to be cleaned are given below:


1: One Stain Keeps Reappearing:

If you notice a nasty stain on the carpet which won't go off even after scrubbing, it means the stain is deeply settled inside the carpet fibers. No matter how many times you scrub off the stain, if it keeps coming back, it means that you need steam cleaning for a permanent solution.


2: The Carpet Lost Its Fluffy Look:

Apart from the dust and dirt in the carpet, it also has to face regular traffic. Your kids play on it, food crumbs fall on it and the carpets are shrugged by people's feet and, eventually, the carpet loses its natural form. They get un-fluffy and flattened. Therefore, to revive them back to their original condition, you will need to use the steam cleaning method.


3: If Dust Is Trapped Inside:

Even though carpets don't look that bad, they always have lots of dust particles inside. When you vacuum the carpet, if you notice big puffs of dust, it is a common sign that your carpet needs to be steam cleaned.


4: The Carpet Has a Foul Odor:

The worst sign that your carpets need to be cleaned is the bad odor. If the carpets have a funky odor, it means that you need to clean the carpet as soon as possible. The foul smell is a strong sign that there is lots of impurities buildup in the carpet which can make you sick.


5: Carpet Is Not Looking Good:

If the carpet has lost its true color or texture, it is an obvious sign that it is time to deep clean the carpet. When the carpet is dirty enough to look dirty, it simply means that you need to clean it deeply.

You can try vacuuming and spot cleaning, but these methods are only effective for some time. Even if you vacuum every single day, the nasty bacteria and mold spores survive and increase the health issues. Typically, it is advised to go for steam cleaning once or twice a year. However, it is not necessary to follow this rule. You can also wait for 2 years to get the carpet cleaned up. Set a date and mark it in the calendar to make sure that the carpets stay new and germ-free as long as possible.


You can consider steam cleaning if the carpet is exposed to the following situations:

  • When someone in your house suffers from allergies.

  • When you have pets and children in the house.

  • When you live in a climate which is dusty and windy.

  • If your house is surrounded by mud and it gets tracked inside regularly.

  • If the house is surrounded by plants which have pollens.

  • If you live in a high smog area

  • If there are smokers in the house.

Apart from the regular cleaning, the long-term cleaning helps a lot to make sure that the carpet doesn't inhibit any dangerous bacteria or germs. Clean the spills and stains right away or as soon as possible. You can also think of purchasing the stain resistant carpets and rugs to avoid the problem of spills and stains as often as possible.


Benefits of Steam Cleaning:

Along with giving a clean carpet, steam cleaning will help you to tackle other issues as well. Some additional benefits of steam cleaning are listed below:


1: Removes Pollutants:

Dirty carpets hold pet dander, cockroach allergens, dead bugs and many foreign particles too. They can also absorb components of paint, cigarette smoke and other chemicals. All these pollutants can only be released from the carpet with steam cleaning. It will improve the indoor air quality and life of the carpet.


2: Clear Dust Mites:

In the furniture, mattresses, bedding, curtains, fabrics, toys and everything else, dust mites are present. They thrive in the moist and warm environment in the house feeding on human skin, fungi, bacteria and others. They can only be cleaned if you use professional steam cleaning. If they are not cleared from the carpets, they might result in several health issues.


3: Prevent Mold:

Steam cleaning will dry up the moisture held in the carpets for a very long time. Molds produce allergens which trigger an allergic reaction in the human body. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you can rely on steam cleaning.


4: Extend Carpet Life:

Nowadays, the carpets don't wear out soon. If the carpets are exposed to soil and traffic regularly without cleaning, then they will be ripped off from its original beauty. Thus, you need to deep clean the carpets every 12 or 18 months. Deep cleaning will restore the original look of the carpet so that it will last longer than expected.


Refresh, renew, restore and impress is the key to have a luxurious and stylish décor in your house. If you follow the right steps, you will have a fresh and clean home. Cleaning the carpet ensure that your home is safe from the major health hazards that can be caused by a dirty carpet. Make it a habit to clean and vacuum the carpet on a daily basis, as it will keep the welcome vibe of the carpet maintained for a long time.