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How to Find a Good House Painter

by ActionLocal Mar 13, 2019

While renovating your house, some think they can do the job themselves. But painting a house can be more complicated than it sounds especially when you have a big house or have an old one that requires a lot of prep time. There are various reasons why choosing a good house painter or contractor is essential. And one of the main reasons is safety and experience.


Should you hire a painting contractor? Consider a few things before you make the decision:


  • Time is money: Hiring a house painter can save a lot of time and money. You'll have to spend hours on your house to repaint it and still have to do your 8 to 5 job. When you hire a professional painter, you can do your job and come home without worrying that you have another job to do. You should know, it takes a lot of time to paint a house when you are doing it alone.


  • Safety: When you are not a professional, it's easy to make mistakes. Climbing on ladders, leaning out of windows, and reaching the high and low points, all of this can be very hectic, time-consuming and downright exhausting. Even if 90% of the time, people don't get hurt during painting, that 10% chance might lay you up from work for weeks. Are you willing to take that chance?


  • Quality: If you think that you can paint the house like a professional, give a shot. But if you're not sure, perhaps it's time to ask for some professional help.


  • Speed: Other then quality and time, the speed of the professional varies too. When you hire a house painter, he/she they bring a crew to facilitate the speed of the project. They have their own team to finish the task on time. So, instead of taking a full month to paint the house, hire the professional to get the job done in substantially less time.


Wrapping up, you will be able to save your time, money, and efforts without compromising the quality. Therefore, it is essential that you find a good house painter.


How to Find a Professional Painting Contractor?


House painting is not a rare job that people don't do. To start looking for the right one, you can try the most basic methods.


  • Close Referrals: The starting point would be from your friends and family. This way you are most likely to choose a professional because you would be able to see their work too.


  • Internet: You can also search the internet for a good house painter near you. You can see their projects and read their reviews and check for active license, insurance, and bonding.


  • Review Websites: This is like a combination of the above two points. The ones who are referred often have a review on common review sites. See whether they stand up to the promise of the personal referral and have a reasonable price. You are most likely to the real truth about the service.


If you've come across several options on the internet and all of them seem good, then there are specific things that you should expect.


How to Choose a Professional?


There are some habits of a professional that point toward professionalism. Being disciplined and consistent is very important in whatever job you do. Here are some standard things that you should expect from your house painter.


  • Punctuality: The time distribution of the work makes it easier to finish. A professional painter will arrive at the house on time; take the standard lunch breaks instead of extended ones. and last but not least, they get the job done on time and leave without causing inconvenience to the customer and clean up their mess.


  • Walk-Through: If you meet up with someone and they just tell you how much it will cost to paint the house, then you are choosing the wrong person. A professional will take a look at the house inside and outside, ask some questions about the work, and then tell you the estimated price of the job.


  • Color, Finishes, and End Goal: The professional house painters understand that it's your house and your taste and style. They will ask about the colors, type of finish, any additional designing, and brand of paint that they must use. If you are expecting something else, then they will also provide recommendations on the possible options that you can choose for your house.


  • Insurance and License: A professional painter must be insured and have a proper license. This will help you to feel secure and adds a layer of protection if anything goes awry.


  • Get a Written Estimate: This simply means that make sure that all paperwork is done before the painter enters your house. Only the professional house painters will provide you complete paperwork of their schedule and related costs.


  • Cleaning: Once the painting job is done, it's a painter duty that they clean up the mess they created. If this section is not included in the service offer, then you better choose someone else.


  • Touch-Ups: While painting your house, it often happens that paint gets splashed or they miss a few spots. So, make sure that the painter gives a final touch-up to the house for better finishing.


Whether you are hiring an individual painter or a firm, they understand that their service is not a cheap investment. People often hesitate to let someone inside their home. The painting contractor needs to build a reputation for themselves with their hard work and ethics. You are giving access to your house to someone. Ensure the success of the project by choosing the best contractor for the job.

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