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How to Find a Wedding Caterer?

by ActionLocal Jul 7, 2019

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Agree with the fact or not, food is the only thing that people remember about your wedding. And that's why choosing the best caterer in town is important. Some couples get lucky and choose a venue which has onsite catering service. But not everyone has that sheer luck. Other couples have to choose the caterers from a long list of vendors. Tasting the food, picking out the dishes, choosing the drinks and deserts items, everything tends to become complicated.


It is an overwhelming time for the bride and groom, and the top-notch caterer is under the top 10 things in their to-do list. As you are about to give away free food for a lot of people, you should know that it has a big impact on your wedding budget too. So, if you are struggling to make a decision on the caterers, try using these tips. Hopefully, the tips will list down the steps you need to follow and give you a clear insight for the catering requirements.


1: Make a Budget:

Don't contact the caterers unless you know how much you can spend on the food. Coming up with the list of foods and drinks that you want in your wedding menu will help you a lot. Not only you can draw an estimate of how much you would be spending, but you will also know which catering services you need to contact. The budget will help you to pull together several options like a buffet, family style or seated for the wedding day.


2: Ask Your Venue Management for Suggestions:

Most of the venues have a list of vendors. It can serve as a good starting point for your search. Plus, choosing from the options provided by your venue assures, that they have worked at the venue before and they provided good services. You can't jump off a deal without making sure that the caterers live up to their promise and provide the high standards as they claim.


If you don't feel comfortable choosing the vendors offered by the venue, then you can consider any option as you like. Before you strike the deal with caterers, consult your venue to make sure that they can make adjustments for the caterers. You will also require certificated and licenses from the caterers, so that they will be allowed to work at the venue.


3: Get Multiple Proposals:

Compare and contrast the options you have for catering. The cost of service, menu, quality, punctuality and other things matters as well. So, you need to compare the past services provided by the caterers. Give a brief overview of the caterers about the event and give them a count of your guests. You can give them a list of the things that you want, but it is also their job to propose the best appetizers, courses, coordinators, chefs and waiters for the service. The most important thing that you need to consider in the proposal is Alcohol. You wouldn't want to run out of booze in the middle of the night.


4: Ask About the Dinnerware:

If your venue doesn't provide chairs, tables, dinnerware or linens for the wedding, then you need to find out a caterer which does. Most of the catering services have a partnership with the rental companies which provide these things. This might charge extra, but it will be better than handling multiple companies to set your table right.


5: See How They Communicate:

You can hire a caterer which has delicious food taste, but if their communication is poor, the guests at your wedding will be very disappointed. Even though, food taste is the key component so make sure that the catering staff is well behaved and does their job professionally. The way a company treats its customers tells the quality of their service. Communicate with the team as much as possible to make sure that they can impress the guests well.


6: Arrange Tastings With Your Top-Choices:

This can be a tricky part, but remember that not all catering companies provide tasting until you've signed the contract, but who would sign a contract without tasting the food? Thus, the companies ask their potential customers to visit the events where they are already offering their service. You can get a taste of their hand in the events. Some caterers also offer the tasting service at a special fee. A reasonable price will be fine as you are about to choose the caterer for your wedding. Keep in mind to add a clause in the contract that if the quality of food doesn't meet the standards, then the agreement will dissolve. Even though, you might lose the deposit in some cases, but you will be able to prevent a disaster from happening on your wedding day.


7: Get Reviews:

Once you've picked the caterer and about to make the final deal, read the reviews of the company. Thanks to the internet, now every company has a valid online status and you can find their reviews on the website or on Google Maps. You don't have to go for the deal blindly. The people who might have had good experiences and bad experiences are most likely to share it with others. Reading the reviews will help you a lot.


8: Sign the Contract and Pick a Menu:

After creating a final proposal, outline the total cost of food, drinks and other services hired via caterers. Sign the contract and the service will do as told. Try out all food items in the tasting and ask your close ones to help. If you want to change anything in the proposal, then you have to make sure that you tell the caterers prior to the tasting.


Now, you will be the judge of the service on the wedding day. Hopefully, you will choose a reliable and trustworthy catering service which provides delicious food, and the rest is left to the guests. Bon Appetite!!