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How to Find an Affordable Housecleaner

by ActionLocal Mar 11, 2019

Are you looking for an affordable house cleaner? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Here are some helpful tips you can follow to find a reliable, trustworthy and affordable housecleaner.


If you have debated about hiring a housecleaner, you might have come up with a few reasons to skip the expense. We often know why we want to hire a housecleaner. We hate housekeeping, we don't have time because we work and have children, have outside interests that take up our time.


If you go for a professional house cleaning service, then you can effectively manage your time to justify the expense even if you are on a tight budget. Unless you know the house cleaner personally or she is a referral from a close friend or family member, ask if they are licensed, insured and bonded for your protection and theirs.


There are so many house cleaning companies available and most tend to stick to a particular area of town. If you are looking via a search engine, search with your location to get you better results. Here are some tips that can make your process of finding the best house cleaner for you, your schedule and of course your budget.


1. Interview at least three cleaning services before hiring one


Before hiring a cleaning service, you should interview a few different companies and check out their referrals and reviews online.  If any a cleaning service company fails to provide you the information about their previous or current clients, walk away. If the referrals sound good, you are on the right track. Make sure to call references because you must never forget, they have full access to your home. When you speak to the clients of the house cleaner ask about:

  • Work ethic or attitude

  • Trustworthiness and professionalism

  • Cleaning equipment and skills

  • Punctuality

2. Check a Cleaning Service Company Background


Another important thing you should do is to check the background of several companies you have shortlisted. You can go to their official website where you can find all the information about the company, the Better Business Bureau, and always make sure they are up to date on their license and insurance. A professional cleaning service company will have the most reliable website where it has given full information about its services. Here are some things you need to check:

  • Licensed

Licensing in the cleaning industry simply means that the company is fully licensed as an operating entity. Remember that this label does not offer you with legal protection. Anyone can begin cleaning homes just by posting ads online. However, if they invest their money and time to license their companies, then there is a higher chance that they will stick to their work.

  • Insured

Also, check if the cleaning service company you are going to hire is fully insured or not. If anything is broken while cleaning, the company has insurance coverage to cover the damage. Remember that if the company is not fully insured, then you are going to be responsible if an injury happens in your house or any damage.  Unscrupulous companies will sue you if they are hurt in your home. That's why it is important to check or ask directly the company whether it is insured or not. Make sure you go the extra mile and check it out for yourself they are insured.

  • Experience

Don't forget to check how much experience they have in the cleaning industry. Go to their official site and check how long they are providing the cleaning service. Also, check if they have any successful record in the cleaning business.


3. Read Online Genuine Reviews


Another thing you can do is reading online reviews of different housecleaning companies. You will get some idea about the reputation of the company by simply reading the reviews. You may find both negative and positive reviews of the same company. However, you must check out as many as reviews in order to end up finding and hiring the best cleaning service for your needs.


4. Ask About Prices


Don't ever hire a house cleaner before asking them about their pricing. In fact, it is also vital that housecleaners rely on environmentally friendly products. You should check out if the company cost you more for using environmentally friendly products or not. Generally, the cost to clean house varies as it depends on several factors, which include home size, flooring type if you have children or pets, and much more. Luckily, almost every cleaning company provides free estimates. 


Apart from these above tips, there are also some important questions you can ask cleaning service to ensure you hire a trustworthy and reliable cleaner.

  • What guarantees do they offer?

  • How will they clean your home?

  • Who supplies the cleaning equipment and products?



So, these are few tips that can help you to find the most reliable, professional and affordable house cleaner for your home. Have patience in your search otherwise, you may end up picking the wrong one and you might find yourself being cleaned out instead.


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