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Pros and Cons of Naturopathy

by ActionLocal Jul 21, 2019

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Naturopathy - also known as naturopathic medicine and it is a medical system evolved from the traditional healthcare approaches and practices eminent in Europe during the period of the 19th century. People go to naturopathic practitioners and doctors for numerous health-related purposes, which include overall well-being, treatment of health illnesses and primary care.


Naturopathic practitioners take advantage of different treatment practices, such as stress reduction, homeopathy, exercise therapy, psychotherapy, dietary changes, etc. In simple words, naturopathic medicine uses natural remedies in order to heal the body itself. Everything has two sides and naturopathy is no exception. Here, you'll get to learn the pros and cons of naturopathy. It is quite important to know what this medical system can offer you before you actually consider it.


Pros of Naturopathy

There are a number of pros of naturopathy, which include:


1. Disorders treatment

Disorders that can be treated by conventional medicine and health practices can also be treated by naturopathic practitioners. The most common disorders that can be treated using this medical system include:

  • Digestive disorders

  • Allergies

  • Headaches

  • Fertility issues

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Obesity

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Chronic pain

  • And much more…

In addition to it, naturopathic practitioners may also cure skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. There are also numerous holistic approaches and practices to curing mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.


2. Health Promotion

The primary goal of naturopathic medicine is health promotion. Plus, its main focus is to understand that human boy has a natural power to heal itself. The role of naturopathic practitioners is to identify and remove obstacles to treat, so that the body becomes able to heal and it can further move towards the direction of optimal health. Naturopathic practitioners treat and cure underlying disorders and restore normal human body function by simply improving the body's innate healing abilities. Thus, if you're looking for a natural way for health promotion, then don't go further form the naturopathic medicine.


3. Sleeping Aid

If you are going through insomnia, depression or other types of sleep disorders, then naturopathic medicine can provide you with an effective solution for this health issue. Instead of consuming sleep aids, drugs or tablets, you can take advantage of herbal treatments that will eventually aid you to sleep better than before.

At present, many people in the USA prefer naturopathy medical system when it comes to treating health problems like sleeping aid.


4. Disease Prevention

If there is the most effective approach to prevent the disease from having in the first place, then it is naturopathic medicine. In fact, preventing disease progression is principle intrinsic to naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic practitioners work with their patients in order to identify and discover the root causes of their disease and to recombine all the factors, which are affecting the health of patients. Plus, proper nutrition is one of the great ways to have a healthy body and immune system.


5. Individualized treatment

Naturopathic treatments approaches and practices are individualized. There is no doubt that each patient has his or her own unique story, genetics, history, dietary habits, and health concerns. Naturopathic practitioners will work to examine the underlying causes and, afterward, create and construct an individual cure plan to improve a patient's body own healing ability.


6. Alternative therapies

There are so many alternative treatment options when it comes to naturopathic medicine. A naturopathic doctor can use herbs and supplements, homeopathy or other treatment options to treat the illnesses.


Cons of Naturopathy

There are some cons of naturopathy, which include:


1. Inappropriate for some health conditions

Modern day medicine treats serious and sudden health illnesses much more effectively as compared to naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic practitioners may not be able to cure serious trauma like a broken leg and can't treat heart attack or appendicitis as effective, as a traditional doctor using the latest diagnostic tests and surgery.


2. Regulation

Prescription drugs come with rigorous standards that many nutritional supplements aren't held to. It means that there can be adulterations in the natural bases products you're taking without any guidance from a professional doctor.


3. Long procedure

The natural approach to treat illnesses involves the huge study and understanding of the background and also, the history of the family. Considering this factor, treating the patient using naturopathic medicine is quite a long process. Every human body has its own working system and that's why it might take lots of time for the patient to get used to a specific medicine.


4. Health Risks

As part of natural manipulative treatment, your naturopathic doctor may apply some pressure and force to your spine. It can seriously damage nerves, bones, spinal discs and arteries. The naturopathic treatments are designed to remove toxins from your body. This can involve cutting out or avoiding certain foods. It can be quite dangerous for patients having some chronic problems such as diabetes. Plus, if you are on the diet for a very long time, then you can be at the risk of not consuming sufficient important nutrients.


In short, we can say that naturopathic medicine is not as efficient and effective to cure medical emergencies such as heart attack. Even there are some cons of naturopathy. The patients at present prefer naturopathic medicine as the ultimate approach for treatment because there is no better way like a natural one.

Plus, naturopathic practitioners, physicians and doctors are successful at curing chronic conditions, which don't respond to traditional medicine. Naturopathic doctors completely understand the healing art and, in order, to understand the patient's illness, the doctor must take some time to hear to the patient's story. Keep in mind that effective naturopathic cure or treatment requires practice and great communication. Generally, patients know what is actually wrong and what exactly should be done, but they do not know how to make this possible and that is the role of naturopathic doctors.


More importantly, before you choose a naturopathic doctor to treat your health problem, ask about her or his training or education and licensing requirements for your state.