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Root Canal Treatment Cost in Bellingham, WA

by ActionLocal Mar 26, 2019

No one likes pain, no matter how little it seems. What's worse than pain, is ignoring the advice of a professional. Why? Because a little pain can hide major issues, lead to complications, and to severe consequences. Root canal treatment is no different. A root canal is the natural cavity within the center of a tooth. Root canal treatment is also known as endodontic therapy or treatment.

Once the pulp of a tooth gets infected, or decay sets in, treatment becomes necessary. Endodontists in Bellingham treat the infected pulp and tissues around the tooth. If an infection is not treated abscesses can occur, causing further complications.

Root canal treatment in Bellingham gets done over two or more appointments. The procedure consists of cleaning and decontaminating the hollow created, before it's filled. Root canal treatment includes primary and secondary treatments.


Root canal treatment in Bellingham is not exactly cheap. Nothing good comes cheap though.

Average Cost of Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics) in Bellingham, WA


Initial Endodontic Consultation:

This stage is important to get to know the patient. The average fee for this service is $65. The highest fee is $95. Your name, birth date, addresses and contact information are necessary. Evaluation of possible treatment options and endodontic therapy is done.

The front office has to know the following:

If you have been there before

The name of your referring dentist or office

The tooth or area of your mouth that need evaluating

Also, scheduling arrangements are made. It is advisable for parents or guardians to accompany patients under 18.

Further, Endodontists in Bellingham take note of your medical history. You should also state if you're under any medications.


Root Canal Anterior

This procedure gets done when the tooth has no cavities, fillings, and fractures. In Bellingham, this procedure costs $450.75 on average. The highest price is $609.14. The root canal access hole gets filled without a crown. You need a crown only when significant tooth structure is missing. A Root Canal Bicuspid is another treatment. This procedure costs $545.53 on average, while the highest price is $725.13. The diseased or damaged pulp/core of a tooth gets excavated.

A Root Canal Molar costs $690.21 on the average and $909.72 at the highest. A hemisection involves the removal of unrestorable root which is cracked. On the average, hemisections costs $359.70 and $437.65 at the highest.

Other procedures include:

Pulpotomy – the average price is $92.79 and highest price is $115.24. Retrograde fills per root, which seal the root canal. From the root to the apex, this costs $181.35 on average and $218.76 at the highest price.

Pulp capping is also an option. Dental pulp involves restoration after cavity preparation to prevent necrosis. It costs $62.86 on average and $94.04 at the highest price.

Another root canal treatment in Bellingham is Apicoectomy (first root). It is the most common procedure done to save a tooth. You need an apicoectomy when inflammation or infection persists around the tooth's end. Apicoectomy or Root-end resection costs $511.86 on average, while the highest price is $655.29.

Abscesses occur due to infections on the pulp or in the tooth. Such abscesses are dealt with by drainage. This gets done the same time dental therapy takes place. This procedure costs $200.05 on average and $243.71 at the highest price.

Procedure for each additional tooth costs an average of $256.18 and $306.07 at the highest price.


Possible Complications

It is not uncommon for instruments to separate or break during root canal treatment. A segment or part of a metal left behind in the tooth leaves complications; leading to fractures. This is due in no small part to the narrow, length and number of roots on the tooth being treated. Surgical root canal treatment is often used to deal with incompletely cleaned canals.

Treatment can also lead to inflamed tooth or gums. Additional steps will be taken to calm it down. A root canal paste is placed within the tooth for a few weeks to relieve tooth pain.

Another complication is a missed canal. As a result, the tooth is not completely sealed. Once this happens the tooth can get more infections and subsequent pain. Detailed analysis through Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) avoids this complication.

A sodium hypochlorite accident can take place. There is an instant reaction to blinding pain followed by edema, hematoma, and ecchymosis. It happens when solutions escape the tooth, and enters the periapical space.

When cold or hot items lead to swelling and pain from chewing, contact your dentist. Alternatives will suffice after a follow-up.


Having Insurance Sure Helps

No one plans to get sick, hurt or impaired. Health insurance covers these costs and offers many other important benefits. Health insurance protects you from unexpected, high medical costs. The prices stated above seem daunting. Other options, dentists or alternatives exist.

Endodontists in Bellingham assure that your cost will be much lower if you have dental insurance. You pay less for covered in-network health care, even before you meet your deductible. You also get free preventive care. This includes vaccines, screenings, and some checkups before you meet your deductible. These deductibles cost less than $200.


Ways to save up on Your Root Canal Treatment in Bellingham

Without deep pockets, you can still undergo a root canal treatment in Bellingham. A good dental school with eager students and keen professionals will take care of you. A good discount membership can slash your expense for up 50 percent. Endodontists in Bellingham and their front office offer several cash plans. This helps a cash-strapped patient out of desperate situations. Daily deals websites have dental care listings. You can check such websites for listed deals in Bellingham, WA.

Endodontists in Bellingham are well-skilled professionals. As such, their opinions on your dental health will state the right course to follow.

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